About Put Me In The Story

The books we give to children matter, perhaps more than any other books.

And great personalisation can create a profound connection between kids and books.
That connection can touch adults and kids in ways that are simply extraordinary.

That’s why we created Put Me In The Story.

At Put Me In The Story, we believe in the power and magic of books (just like you do).
We want the book you create with us to be one that you come back to again and again.
And when your child outgrows that book, we know it will be one of those
cherished books you’ll want to keep forever.

Creating a book and a gift that’s just for you.

We’re book lovers at Put Me In The Story, which means we deeply care about your reading experience.
So we develop each book individually to make each personalised story a unique and amazing experience.
You’ll see many different kinds of personalisation on Put Me In The Story. Here are just a few examples.

“My gift stole the show!!!!”

The responses we see from people to Put Me In The Story books are extraordinary,
as you can see from this auntie who gave her niece Isabella: Star of the Story. 

“I bought this book as a present for my niece for her fifth birthday. When she first opened it, she said, “It’s just a
book.” But when she took a second look at the cover, her face lit up with joy. To see her name on this
professional-style book really made her feel like a star. It even made the mom of the birthday girl cry.
I was told I was the best auntie ever.”

Telling your story with the very best personalised books.

The idea we had was to create personalised books from some of the world’s best books,
authors and characters. We started with incredible, bestselling authors from Sourcebooks,
our sister publisher. We have continued to add award-winning, bestselling authors
from the very best publishers plus some of your favorite characters.

One surprising thing we’ve seen is all of the different ways our customers use Put Me In The Story.
You are mums and dads, grannies and grandpas. You are also aunts and uncles, friends from the neighbourhood,
teachers and coaches, and family from afar. You are telling your unique story with these books.

Creating a lifelong connection with books.

Our goal is to make it easy for you to create extraordinary gifts. But the impact of what happens next is amazing! 

Our readers tell us that Put Me In The Story books are more than just great gifts—they help create a real relationship between
the child and the book. Books suddenly become less frightening, less difficult, less work, and more precious. Books become “me and mine”,
and suddenly, a book becomes more than just an object. And that changes the relationship that a child will have with the
next book, encouraging a love of reading and a connection to books. It’s about getting a child to want to come back to a book,
and to be excited to find the right next book.

It is what we have dreamed of at Put Me In The Story—helping to create a world of readers.

Thank you for being a part of our story and for allowing us the privilege of being part of yours.

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