James William Potts

Jim is the founder and CEO of Potts & Associates in Pasadena, which specializes in assisting, training, and representing businesses to assure their compliance with state and federal employment laws.

He is a native New Yorker who earned a BA degree in history from California State University at Los Angeles and a Juris Doctor from the University of West Los Angeles Law School. During his last year in law school, Jim began working for National Employers Council, a firm that helps companies reduce their unemployment taxes. Jim rose to corporate senior vice president after he successfully introduced new programs to assist their clients in all aspects of human resources and representation in the employment law arena. In 1992, Jim left after thirteen years and formed JWP Consulting Group, and within a few years joined forces with Judy Armstrong, an eighteen-year veteran of the industry, which specialized in nonprofit employers. This decision gave Jim an added dimension to his client base. Potts, Armstrong & Associates was in the right place at the right time and began to grow rapidly. In 1999, after viewing the increasingly positive market opportunities and trends, Jim again branched out and formed Potts & Associates. With this move, Jim, along with his long-time associate Maria Raygoza, took his new organization to an even higher level by adding employers that operate their businesses on a national level. Jim now has fifteen employees to assist him with over three hundred clients.

In addition to his daily responsibilities, Jim is also a reserve deputy sheriff with the rank of Captain, a licensed real estate broker, a keynote speaker in high demand by employer advocacy groups, a certified mediator and expert witness specializing in employment law and workplace rights, and a master teacher for the University of Phoenix, an honor only afforded to the top twenty percent of their instructors.

Jim and his wife Brenda have three children, Zalore, 33, Jamal, 29, and Jamayne, 25.
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