Kim Marshall

Kim Marshall has worked in public education since graduating from college in 1969, and has published seven books and numerous articles. As a young teacher, he was trained as a sex educator and began developing and teaching a sex education curriculum, reaching more than seventeen hundred young adolescents over the years.

The Great Sex Secret developed on a parallel track. Marshall was struck by some significant gaps in sex literature and popular media and started work on a letter that he planned to give to his own children on their eighteenth birthdays.

To his surprise, this proved to be one of the most challenging projects he'd ever undertaken. Eight years of reading, research, and feedback slowly turned a twelve-page letter into something much bigger, and Marshall decided to share it with a wider audience.

A generous impulse gave rise to this book. Marshall hopes that its ideas will be helpful to many lovers, allowing them to get to the heart of the matter a little bit sooner. Life is short, the geography of love is a challenge, and sexual happiness really matters.
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