“She was so amazed that it was about her and was even more amazed that mummy ‘made’ the book. She said, ‘Mommy, I didn’t know you could make books, you are amazing!’ She started to cry then, of course, I was crying too.”


“[Our foster son] is not used to having things that belong to him, or being valued as the sweet child he is. He loves showing people the book about himself and every time we finish reading it, he says, ‘Wow, I’m a really cool kid!’ That makes ME happy. Thank you.”


“I bought this book for my son who is special needs and loves everything Marvel. The look on his face when he saw ‘Agent Bryant’ was priceless! He has been looking through the book daily, amazed that he’s in the story. What a clever idea for someone like him to be a part of his favourite superhero book. ”


“My boys love this book, especially my three-year-old. Daddy is deployed, so whenever he misses him he can look through the book and find Daddy’s smiling face on every page.”


“We bought this for a little girl who has leukemia to help get her through a rough time and tell her how brave we think she is. She loved it!”


“I got this book for my 11-year-old daughter with Asperger’s. She absolutely loves it and reads it over and over. It has helped bring some positive interactions into every day, days often filled with frustration. I’m going to order her a second one. This is the best gift I’ve ever gotten her.”

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